Free Boat Building E-Books, Reports and Articles

Following are a free electronic library that will assist you in deciding which boat to build, and to fill you in on the various techniques to build it, and to assist you with some of the other requirements of homebuilt boats. Please enjoy.

Free Boat Building E-Books

everything about boatbuilding book ply on frame boatbuilding book stitch and glue boatbuilding book how to smoke fish book

Free Boat Building Reports

registering your homebuilt boat report
Registering Your
Homebuilt Boat
outoard power for your homebuilt boat report
Outboard Power for
Homebuilt Boats
seaworthiness of your homebuilt boat report
Homebuilt Boat
scarfing lumber for your homebuilt boat report
Scarfing Lumber for
Boat Building
bending lumber for your homebuilt boat report
Bending Longitudinal
Framing Elements
scarfing plywood for your homebuilt boat report

Free Boat Building Articles

free boatbuilding article
Choosing the Best Easy-to-build Small Boat Design
free boatbuilding article
Home Plywood Boatbuilding - Stitch and Glue or Ply on Frame?
free boatbuilding article
Worried You Don't Have the Skills to Build a Boat?
free boatbuilding article
Home Boat Building - Lofting or Full Sized Plans?
free boatbuilding article
Why You Should Build a Dory
free boatbuilding article
Can You Really Build a Boat for $50?
free boatbuilding article
Home Building a Fishing Boat
free boatbuilding article
The Truth About Free Boat Plans On The Internet

U.S. Coast Guard Publications

safety standards for your homebuilt boat report
Safety Standards for
Backyard Boatbuilders
navigating your homebuilt boat report
USCG Auxiliary
Seamanship Study Guide
coast guard rules for your homebuilt boat report
Rules of the Road
Quick Reference
safety for your homebuilt boat report
Safety Requirements


Boatbuilding Information

Naval Architect and Boat Designer Jeff Spira

I believe in offering you all the information you need to learn more about how to build a boat. That's why I offer these free videos, free ebooks, and free reports. You should know before you go. Just email me if I can answer any questions on boatbuilding.



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