Plans to build the 14' Pescadero Carolina Dory

The Pescadero is a boat I wanted to build for myself to go out of the harbor and fish the local kelp beds and flats. The word "pescadero" means "fisherman" in Spanish. This boat is designed to be a stable fishing platform for two people. I also wanted it to be able to handle rough water when the seas kick up unexpectedly. Finally, I wanted this boat to do a decent turn of speed with low power - 10 horsepower or so. The result is a proven dory form with lots of reserve buoyancy and a slippery shape - just what I was looking for.

Pescadero Carolina Dory


Free Study Plans for the Pescadero Carolina Dory

Our study plans are two of the actual construction drawings. They're not enough information for you to build the boat, but they do give you the overall boat size, shape and construction methods. This is a pdf file readable with the free Adobe Acrobat pdf file reader.

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Building a Wooden Boat

About Carolina Dories

The Carolina Dory is a specialized type of craft derived from the original Grand Banks styles after the advent of power. It was quickly learned that the built-in rocker on the bottoms of traditional dories was fine for the very limited speeds possible with oar or sail power, but only held the boats back once gasoline and diesel engines became available. As a result, builders straightened out the bottoms to allow the boat to plane, and the Carolina Dory was born. These sturdy craft were originally used as commercial fishing boats in the mid-Atlantic states, especially in the inland and nearshore waters around the Carolinas. Unlike modern power boats, Carolina Dories don't require lots of power to move along at quite a good clip. They're economical and exhibit their traditional dory heritage by performing quite well and safely in choppy conditions.



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