"Yes, You Can Build a Boat" Videos by Jeff Spira

Discussions about all of the various topics about building a boat you may be wondering about.

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Building Different Types of Wooden Boats

In these videos I discuss the different types of wooden boats and which ones you may be considering and how they may perform in different conditions for you.

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Boat Basic Construction Methods for Different Models of Boats

I look at the various steps used to build different types of boats in these videos. If you're thinking about building one of these, these videos will assist you in planning the steps to build one of these boats.

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Detail Albion Construction Videos by Mark Vickers

Mark Vickers built this Albion Pacific Power Dory in 10 days in his driveway in Alabama to get it done for a fishing trip planned on the Gulf of Mexico. He details every step of the build in these several hours of videos.

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Construction of a Huntington Harbor Kayak by "HelicopterAddict"

A builder only known as helicopteraddict built this beautiful Huntington Harbor from free plans he downloaded from my website. He dis an excellent job describing the steps and going through the construction and maiden voyage.

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Other Great Boatbuilding Videos by Jeff Spira

This is my first boatbuilding video I posted on YouTube back in 2007. It has over 700,000 views. It I also have a number of my other early videos that are still very applicable to boat builders, or potential boat builders even today.

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Nautical Voyage Stories by Jeff Spira

I love telling sea tales, and these videos are about actual voyages, or even potential voyages that some researchers believe may have happened. Some are military, some early explorers, and some dsolo adventurers. For the lover of boats, I hope you enjoy watching these as much as I enjoy telling them.

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About Jeff Spira

Naval Architect and Boat Designer Jeff Spira

Hi, I'm Jeff Spira. I've been designing and building boats since my teenage years, in the late 1960s. There are few things I enjoy more than designing, building and using boats. Have a look through my designs and I'm sure you'll come across a few that you would love to have. Just drop me a note if have any questions, and let's figure out how to get you on the water.

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