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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

New Sitka Pacific Dory Takes to the Water

A 27' Sitka Pacific Power Dory was recently completed in Minnesota by Raymond Pollock.

According to Ray, it was started in January 2012 and was in the water in the end of October, working mostly alone and taking 6 weeks off in the middle. It features V-Berths, 30 gallons of fresh water, a water heater for the shower, 28 gallon septic tank and 55 gallons for fuel. It also has a full galley and cabin heater.

With the ETEC 115 horse engine, the top speed is 34 mph (according to the GPS) and will cruise over 30, but runs all day and very economically at 22. It maneuvers and handles very well, and doesn't pound when crossing even large boat wakes. It only draws 7-1/2 inches of water with full fuel tanks, two people and a 2 large dogs. For a 27 footer, it tows very easily also.

The pic below is his mom driving it along the Mississippi

easy-to-build wood boat plan

easy-to-build wooden boat plan

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Raymond did an excellent job on the boat. Looks like he's ready for some serious fun in all kinds of weather.

Here's more information on the Sitka design: Sitka Pacific Power Dory Easy-to-Build Boat Plans.

- Jeff

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